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Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists was established by Dr. Patrick O’Meara in 1992. 
It quickly grew to become the largest orthopaedic group and largest orthopaedic office in North County. 

Over the years, Dr. O’Meara honed down the group to just his own solo practice so that he could have more time to give personalized care to his patients. His office is now located in the Hidden Valley Medical Building in Escondido. The medical building includes a radiology group which performs x-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs for Dr. O’Meara’s patients. 

Dr. O’Meara does not use nurse practitioners, physician assistants or any other physician extenders. He believes that patients schedule”doctor appointments” for the purpose of being treated by a doctor. He believes that patients deserve one on one attention from their doctor and therefore, he personally performs all examinations, assessments, procedures, follow-ups, hospital care and surgeries.

Dr. O’Meara provides personalized and professional care to his patients, as well as highly specialized orthopaedic medical and surgical services.